machine wet cleaning solar panels


Your all-in-one solar panel cleaning solution.

  • Fastest robot on the market - up to 1,600m²/h
  • 1 robot = 2 MW = 1 day = 1 person
  • For wet and dry solar panel cleaning
  • Easily cross any gap up to 70 cm
  • Specialised pads to clean at 25° angle with water

The SolarCleano F1 has been designed to meet all your needs in cleaning all types of installations.

Connects to standard garden hoses of 13-15mm in diametre and of 2.0 - 8.0 bar solar panel cleaning water pressure. Valves to regulate water consumption

System for waterless solar panel cleaning

Certified NO microcracks after electroluminescent test

Central electric switching box. Power supply by lithium-ion batteries enabling an autonomy of 2h30

Camera for safe remote operation

Helicoidal brushes of 1.1m, 1.2m, and 2.2m with 2 bristle types for both wet and dry cleaning

High-end caterpillar tracks. Pressure on panel 4200Pa

fully modular solar robot components with only one person to operate
solar field cleaning robot

Fully modular design

The robot can be dismounted into 4 parts for easy transportation. Highly mobile, it can be easily carried and operated by one person. The assembly and disassembly of the robot can be completed within 3 minutes.

Technical Data

One-year warranty

with dedicated after-sales service

Length 1450mm
Width 1300mm
Height 350mm
Total weight 80kg
Brush width 1.1m, 1.2m or 2.2m
Brush diametre 170mm
Remonte control range 200m


A list of compatible and interchangeable solar panel cleaning accessories that save your time and make your cleaning more efficient. All accessories can be mounted onto the robot without modifying the central unit. More accessories photos available in Gallery.

Solar robot transporter - T1

No need to worry about moving your solar panel cleaning robot - leave the job to the Transporter. It can easily and quickly carry your cleaning robot from one panel row to the next.

Floating wheels

Solar panel cleaning process becomes more fluid with the help of wheels. Being attached to the cleaning robot, wheels are a necessity for the cleaning of floating panel installations and facilitate the cleaning of smart solar trackers.

Camera and screen

The camera increases operation safety and allows you to pilot from the ground, or if vision is obstructed.

Remote control battery charger

If you have several batteries, make sure you have enough chargers!

Remote control battery

Taking an extra battery for your remote control allows the robot to clean for a longer time. A simple initiative to make your solar panel cleaning more efficient and quickly restore your solar panel potency.

Spare part kit

Our cleaning spare part kit allows you to avoid down time by replacing parts of the cleaning robot whenever necessary, making the robot maintenance simple and fast. The kit includes 1 brush motor, 1 traction motor, 1 timing belt Courroie Brosse, 2 catepillar tracks, 2 bearings with support, 2 bearings for rear wheels, 1 water hose ∅10, 1 water hose ∅12, 1 short brush axis M8 x 70/nut, 1 long brush axis M8 x 70/nut, 1 coupling for traction motor, 2 tensioners for caterpillar, and 1 traction/ brush cable.


A box of assorted tools is essential to the maintenance of your cleaning robot. The toolkit includes screwdrivers, combination wrench, pliers, and more.

Osmosis system

Osmosis system makes your cleaning water purer with no residue on solar panels, avoiding the formation of stains or scaling that can reduce the amount of sunlight going through.

Additional charger of 7A

Charging several batteries at the same time = more robot autonomy hours = more efficient panel cleaning.

Additional battery of 35Amp

Avoid interrupting your cleaning job with an additional high-density battery at hand.

4 types of 2.2m brushes (blue / yellow / green / red)

Your XL brushes to clean 3 MW per day. Highly efficient cleaning thanks to a range of fibres and rotative brush types, ideal for removing any type of dirt. Blue soft, yellow standard, green hard, red very hard.

Safety glider

The safety system secures the robot for solar PV cleaning on panels with an inclination of more than 25°. It can also be paired with our 220cm solar panel rotating brushes for safe cleaning on solar installations with steep angles.

LED light

With a LED light, you can now operate your solar panel cleaning robot at night. It illuminates the surroundings and allows you to examine your solar panel cleaning process clearly.

4 types of 1.2m brushes (blue / yellow / green / red)

Achieve highly efficient cleaning performance as a result to a range of fibres and rotative brush types, ideal for removing any type of dirt. Blue soft, yellow standard, green hard, red very hard.

4 types of 1.1m brushes (blue / yellow / green / red)

Specially designed for cleaning east-west and floating installations, and line on rooftops. Achieve highly efficient cleaning thanks to a range of fibres and rotative brush types, ideal for removing any type of dirt. Blue soft, yellow standard, green hard, red very hard.