robot for solar trackers system


Don't feel like carrying the robot? Leave the job to the Transporter.

  • Designed for any ground-based power plant
  • Maximum tilt of 25° for seamless operation
  • Ready for all ground conditions
  • Save your time and energy

The SolarCleano T1 is especially developed to transport your F1, M1, and F1A from one panel row to the next.

Speed up to 54m/min

Platform height from 70cm to to 1.88m

Remote-controlled and battery-powered

The all-terrain solution

machine adapting solar panel inclinations
time-saving solar panel cleaning with automatic transporter

Transporting robot between solar panels made easy

With one single operator, you can now clean up to 4 MW per day without even carrying your solar cleaning robot around. The robot transporter is compatible with the SolarCleano F1, M1, and F1A, and can handily tilt to the right angle of the solar installations for seamless operation.

Technical Data

One-year warranty

with dedicated after-sales service

Length 1300mm
Width 1200mm
Total weight 350kg
Min. platform height 700mm
Base platform min. 1530mm
Base platform max. 1880mm
Remonte control range 200m


A list of compatible and interchangeable solar panel cleaning accessories that save your time and make your cleaning more efficient. All accessories can be mounted onto the robot without modifying the central unit. More accessories photos available in Gallery.

Additional charger of 15A

Charging several batteries at the same time = more robot autonomy hours = more efficient panel cleaning.

Additional battery of 30amp 48 volts

Allows to clean even longer.

Remote control battery charger

If you have several batteries, make sure you have enough chargers!

Remote control battery

Taking an extra battery for your remote control allows the robot to clean for a longer time. A simple initiative to make your solar panel cleaning more efficient and quickly restore your solar panel potency.