Fully autonomous robot solar cleaner for big scale solar fields


SolarBridge - the future of solar farm cleaning.

  • Fully autonomous robot
  • For solar panel dry cleaning
  • Solution to ground-based utility-scale solar farms
  • Programmed sessions for cleaning anytime

The SolarCleano B1A is by far the biggest, fastest, and smartest robot ever created by SolarCleano. Loaded with advanced technology features, this revolutionary robot intends to disrupt the cleaning of utility-scale power plants worldwide.

24/7 connection with the HQ

Automatically recharged batteries

Different options of brush up to 6m

Self-adaptation to height and inclination

Can operate under any weather

programmed cleaning solar panel robot
solar panel cleaning robot with AI

Innovative solar cleaning technologies

The SolarBridge can automatically track and self-adapt to the height and inclination of solar panels for smooth operation. It can be equipped with cleaning brushes of up to 6m, increasing the cleaning capacity by 3 times compared to current state-of-the-art solutions. Cleaning at night is equally efficient with its advanced programmed sessions. The cleaning and operational status of the robot can be remotely tracked by the I&M team of the plant through dedicated SolarCleano web and mobile apps. The SolarCleano B1 is so far the biggest, fastest, and smartest solar robot developped by SolarCleano.

Technical Data

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Length 5950mm
Width 1740mm
Height 3510mm
Pressure on panel adjustable
Brush length customised, standard 4400mm
Brush diametre 380mm
Rotation speed 120 tr/min
Inclination 0° - 34°