automatic waterless cleaning solar panel


100% autonomous. Cleaning 24/7 is no longer a dream.

  • Autonomous solar panel dry cleaning robot
  • Solution to large-scale solar farms in arid regions
  • Programmed cleaning sessions
  • 5cm global positioning precision
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Suitable for all types of solar panels

The SolarCleano F1A is a next-generation robot aimed at becoming a real game changer thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence to further improve solar panel predictive maintenance.

24/7 connection with the HQ

Automatically recharged batteries

Inter-robot communication infrastructure

Fleet Management System (FMS)

Charging stations

solar panel self cleaning machine
automated solar panel robot cleaner in Middle East for preventive maintenance

Innovative solar cleaning technologies

This cleaning robot can be programmed to work day and night. It can clean solar panels in desertic regions under high concentration of heat, and can even be launched straight after sandstorms. The complete automation concept reduces on-site labour task to zero, ensuring a safe and sustainable solar panel cleaning ecosystem. The operational and cleaning status of the robot can be remotely tracked by the I&M team of the solar plant through dedicated SolarCleano web and mobile apps.

Technical Data

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Length 1450mm
Width 1300mm
Height 675mm
Weight 85kg
Pressure on panel 4200Pa
Brush width 1200mm
Brush diametre 170mm


A list of compatible and interchangeable solar panel cleaning accessories that save your time and make your cleaning more efficient. All accessories can be mounted onto the robot without modifying the central unit. More accessories photos available in Gallery.

4 types of 1.2m brushes (blue / yellow / green / red)

Achieve highly efficient cleaning performance as a result to a range of fibres and rotative brush types, ideal for removing any type of dirt. Blue soft, yellow standard, green hard, red very hard.

Solar robot transporter - T1

No need to worry about moving your solar panel cleaning robot - leave the job to the Transporter. It can easily and quickly carry your cleaning robot from one panel row to the next.